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Author: Jonathan Jablonski Date: 2016-04-15

You Influence, They Influence

This topic will come up many times through out this site. It is my way of looking at life and how I perceive it. Many might disagree or many might agree. Totally up to you.

Control is illusion or the word is used improperly to express things we can do. As humans , there is barely anything we really control. The people around you , the environment, and even your car. None of these things are truly 100% in your control. Well you might say “Wait a minute Jonathan, I know I have complete control of my car. I turn my wheel , the car turns”

You are right, but your not really controlling the car, you are influencing the car to turn. Seems like the same thing? It sorta is, but if you turn your wheel to much , the car might start to skid or you might lose control. The word control actually has to do with influence. Control is defined by making something else do what you want to do. The thing is, what ever you are trying to control has to be able to.

  1. Be able to do what you want it to do.
  2. Want (if person or animal) to what you want it to do.

Number 2 might be able to be achieved through varies different type of influence. Punishment or rewards can be implemented to try and get desired result. If you have to do that, you are not really in control. What you are doing is asserting a type of influence and enough to get the result.

League of Legends and Control

My main game of choice is League of Legends. All those that play the game know that it is hard. Not the game, the people. The people you play with are your worst enemies in the game most of the time in solo-que. Weird, eh? The people that are supposed to help you win, will mostly likely be the ones that cause your downfall.

This is done in several ways, but guess what, it all leads back to you.

Reasons Why You Tilt

  1. Teammate makes bad play
  2. Teammate complains or is really down (Dies 2 minutes in and says “GG@20”)
  3. Building wrong items and losing because of it
  4. Raging at teammates or you
  5. Trolling on purpose
  6. Everything and anything that is bad

There are more reasons, but lets just take the core. Now all those things listed above influence the game in a negative way. More importantly they influences you in a a negative way. Here is the secret though. It doesn’t have too.

The things that are in your control is two things. Your breathing and your thoughts. When some one influences you in a negative way, your thoughts usually spin toward the negative, which then makes you play worse, or makes you angry. The formula here is this.

Bad play + Rage from teammates = You Rage
Trolling Teammate + Team Dying = You Tilt

Notice one thing in both of those equations. The “You”. The left side of the equation is them, but the right is You. You are the one responsible for you tilting, not them. You let it effect you. You do, not them.

Control your self, control the game.

The task above is not easy, it raises the question of what else do let effect you. Maybe petty issues at work, peoples opinions of you or other things. Now this doesn’t mean that you do not care. What this means is that external factors do not decide you totally. You decide how you want to be, not others.

Alright, there will be times when I come back to this subject. For me the opinion is always changing and I think it is extremely important if you want to be successful in things.

Let me know what you think down below! As always thank you and stay a while.