How Things Got Started

Author: Jonathan Jablonski Date: 2016-04-11
How Things Got Started

In the Beginning

There has been a lot of questions on how I got to be streaming on YY. Especially since I do not speak or read Chinese. I intended to get into streaming on Twitch ( the american streaming service ) but I was very comprehensive to start. It wasn’t because it was hard, but because I didn’t think I deserved to be seen. My skills at games is above average and I can be a entertaining guy, but who would really watch me? I think this is a question everyone that starts would ask themselves. Self doubt and imposter syndrome strike up, putting an invisible wall between you and your goal.

To say the least , I streamed a couple of times on twitch. There was no consistency and no schedule, and no viewers. The views were not that important to me, because I knew that just starting out, it would be a while before gaining any traction. At the same time, the viewer base of twitch is only so big. There are many streamers that have already captured a huge audience. I cannot see their fans also subbing to me. Now I do think you can make a living on twitch, albiet not easy , I think it can still be done and people will do it. For this reason when I was approached to stream on Huya, I decided to say yes and give it a try.

Huya and YY

Fortunatly I have a lot of Chinese friends that play League of Legends. One day one of them came to me and asked if I was interested in streaming on a Chinese only platform. They had heard that I had done some streaming on twitch and would like to get some foreign streamers for their platform. With the reasoning above and also that I could make money from this venture I decided to accept and start.

Now I will mention that when I told them that I didn’t speak Chinese they told me I would have a translator to help me. As most of you know , I don’t have a fully dedicated translator for my stream. I do have a really good friend of mine, King , that has been helping me greatly. So far it has been 5 months since I started streaming regularly every night. It has been a great experience and I have decided to learn Chinese to further my channel and try to turn this into career.

Future and What I will Write

The plans for my channel is much more involved. I was raised as a business person , so I see alot of oppurtunity to make money and how I can do it. The misconception about a channel is that all you have to do is stream and they will come. If you want to make a living you have to be much more more involved. You need multiple revenue streams, sales funnels and interaction with your audience. You need to inspire and let your followers have a good time when experience your content. This site is a product of all that. I would like to give my opnions on some things, share my experiences awesome things that I think you will like. I will continue to learn Chinese so that in 4 months from now (Mid-April) I will have enough chinese to speak to you and conversate on a more peronsal level. I hope everyone has a good time when watching me and that they get inspired to do what they want. For my viewers my goal is entertain while also push them to follow their dreams.

Follow me on my journey to become the worlds greatest streamer!

Thank you and stop by for a while.