Touch Me, Taste Me

“Who’s a good boy for me?” her voice dripped into his ears like a sweet melody. His head swam with endless endorphins and his body started to burn with heat. His vision came back into focus, but then rolled back. A rainbow of color filtered through his view and he let out a moan, as more pleasure echoed through his being.

“hmm?” she teased, brushing her hand against his exposed chest. He opened his mouth but only gasps came from it. He tried to wiggle out of her grasp. To escape the pleasure which was now overloading him. Draining him. Only, when there seemed a nano-second of a chance, he would not take it. Not really. He didn’t want to leave. Not now, not ever. His eyes came into focus finally.

She laid next to him, predator like eyes shining in the light, almost glowing, peering down at him with pure lust. His body jerked and his arms pulled at his restraints. Her smile dripped a pure hunger. They toyed with him with all knowing confidence.

She leaned a bit closer and he got lost in her eyes. Swimming in their depth.

“I-I am” he stammered between lucid moments of audible pleasure. Her smile beamed down at him and her eyes squinted from joy.

She leaned down, swept her hair behind her ear and asked “You are what?”

He took a quick intake of breath. “I’m your good boy” he breathed out, exhausted form the length of the sentence.

Her face lit up. Sharp teeth biting her bottom lip. Savoring the moment.

“Yes” she dipped down towards his neck. Her tongue swiped in a long motion towards his jaw. Searing pain erupted from her touch “you are.” her teeth sunk deep and hard where she had licked. The pain was replaced instantly with waves of euphoric pleasure. Each one increased in intensity. He shook, recoiling at each hit, it was to much. All his senses blazed and drank in the moment each time she swallowed. He felt that his heart was going to explode, but just as it got to the cliff edge, she pulled away.

Blood dripped down her chin and she licked her lips in ultimate satisfaction.

Her eyes did glow.

He convulsed trying to hold onto consciousness. His eyes spinning, trying , pleading to keep her in his sights. To much blood, to much pleasure. He started to fade.

“Until you awake, puppy.” he heard her whisper into his ear with that sweet melodic voice.

Whew. Sexy stuff is exciting. Fun fact, I have always loved writing erotic stuff. Let’s put those actions, emotions and feelings all into words, shall we?

This was inspired a bit by Makima from Chainsaw Man. I won’t spoil what she is, but her personality is very much of a Dom. Since this is the Midnight Tales, it couldn’t be just about the sex though right? Could you take the pain and pleasure of having the life sucked out of you?

Anyway, happy Locktober everyone :)