No Time For Games

“You know there is poison in there, right”

“Yes, yes of course, I am building up my tolerance” He took another sip of his tea.

David sat back in the chair. Taking in the man willingly sipping himself to death on tea. Simon Wells.

“I mean David, who did you think hired you to kill me?” Simon speared his chicken with his fork and stopped few inches from his mouth, his eyes staring at David “It was me.”

David brought his thumb and index finger to his eyebrows to massage his head.

“Mr.Jamster?” Simon laughed a bit before taking a bite of the chicken “I swear you would of known once you heard me speak in person. Mr.Jamster, what a name to make up” he mumbled through chewing.

David straighted out his vest and recomposed “So you are saying, you hired me, to kill yourself, and you payed me one hundred thousand dollars to do it? Is that what I am hearing right now.

Simon took another sip of his tea “You got any more of that poison? They always brew the tea so bitter here, what was it again?”


“Yes, that’s it. You didn’t happen to have anymore of that?”

“While it wouldn’t matter, you are literally dying right now, no I do not have anymore on me” David took a sip of his water and returned to massaging his head while watching Simon chowed down on his chicken cordon blue.

Simon gave a laugh “Well, we will see about that” He finished the cup of tea. “You see that raven out there” he pointed over his left shoulder.

David leaned over to the right. The restaurant had a large window that outlooked the road and side walk out side. On a park bench that was across the street, the largest raven David had ever seen sat at the end. Peering inside at them.

“His name is Nightshade” Simon said smiling, flashing his eyebrows.

“And?” David was grow delirious of the whole situation.

“Nothing, that’s it. You know, I haven’t seen you in what? Fifteen years? When I heard your voice over the phone I knew instantly it was you. How the hell did you become an assassin? Of all career paths, what a wild one” Simon wiped his lips and adjusted his horn rimmed glasses.

David’s eyes flashed left and right to see if anyone had heard his career choice. Then his eyes caught the raven, Nightshade, eying a small boy that had sat next to him “I think your raven is about to eat a small child”

“Don’t worry, he has eaten worse”

David return to look at Simon eyebrows raised and shook his head in disbelief “Simon, death should be claiming you right now” He checked his wrist watch “I-I, What is this? How are you still alive? Why?” David took in a breath and racked his mind for a moment the exhaled deeply and frown putting up his hand “do you want a refund?”

Simons face lit up with a smile and he belted forward with laughter “Are you kidding? You tried, didn’t you? Honest to goodness try. Simon rose from the chair “I hope you don’t mind taking care of the bill for today, David, It was fantastic seeing you, but sadly, you weren’t able to get the job done. It was worth the try, though. Atropine, didn’t expect that.”

David rose and they shook hands.

“Well, see you around, be careful. Your line of work is a bit” Simon waved his hands “well you know. Take care, David” He smiled at him and shook his head and said “Good to see you again, how great.” then walked out into the street. Nightshade spread it’s enormous wings and landed on his shoulder.

David took his seat again and leaned back again staring at the empty seat.

A waiter approached “Would you care for an after dinner drink, sir?”

For a moment David sat silently then turned to the waiter.

“Bruichladdich X4+1 Quadrupled whiskey, make it a double”

There is a scene from Princess Bride, Battle of Wits. Wesley, the hero, is challenged to a battle of wits. He takes two cups of wine, turns his back and then returns the two cups to the table. The challenger, Vizzini reasons, convolutely, then cheats to choose the cup in front of him. As he boasts that he cheated, he dies. Both cups were poisoned and Wesley had built up tolerance to the poison.

This scene is fantastic and the ending of him poisoning both cups and having tolerance always gets me.

A casual meeting of two, one a murder and one trying to get murdered. The raven, and the tea came from a look at the tea “Poe me A cup” which is a Edgar Allen Poe themed tea. Very good might I add

Bruichladdich X4+1 Quadrupled whiskey is also some of the strongest alcohol in the world.

Just some Fun~

What You Find When You Look

“We looked everywhere for you, where did you go?” she said moving towards him.

He looked at her with half lidded eyes. He was cold, but why? Where was he? Where had he been? Who was he? The women covered him with a jacket and ushered him off towards a car that was parked near the side of the road.

“What were you thinking?” Her voice shook as she closed the door and turned on the engine.

“I didn’t think. There is no thoughts” he mumbled back at her. His eyes shifted from one side of the car to the other. Something was wrong. Obviously. What did I do?

The car sped down the road and into a long stretch of winding roads passing by winter bashed trees and large stones seemed to be stacked in odd, impossible ways.

“What was a I doing before?”

“Before? Before what?”

“Before I left”

“Dr. Shim, you have to stop playing games, we are at our wits ends, working day and night, every minute that goes by and we do not figure this out. Well, you know what happens.” She shook her head.

He closed his eyes and peered out the window towards the gray sky. I found the key. The thought scrapped against his mind. I found it.

The car wound up a large hill and a massive building built from brick and glass roes high into the sky. Smoke stacks dwarfed the factory like building on both sides and at the sight his blood began to chill.

They pulled up and both got out of the car and moved towards the front door. as he approached he saw his reflection in the door. He was naked besides the long over coat that covered just above his thighs.

This is Dr.Shim. Was his first thought.

They moved into the facility. It was wide open, pristine, and looked as if it was brand new. The ceiling rose high and were filled with large arched glasses panels that shone the sky and smoke stacks. Grand chandeliers hung from steel beams and some how provided enough light for the whole place. Equipment of monstrous proportions rose in the empty space and computers, and desks were strobe about. As they entered, a bunch of people in white lab coats moved towards them, their eyes scanning him, all with frowns.

“Shim, what the fuck man, we are literally about to be ended and you are out doing what ever the hell this is” a man started yelling.

Shim looked at him with no remembrance.

“Please sir, we are running out of time, we need everyone on deck for this, this might be out last chance” a women with blond hair said. Her eyes looked puffy and her make up was a mess. His eyes scanned the rest. They all looked bent out of shape.Tired, beaten, on the their last leg. What was so important to them? What was important to him?

Words came from his mouth that he did not know where they came from “What do you think I have been doing? Wasting time?” He scowled at them and moved towards one of the large machines.

Something was coming back to him. But it wasn’t what he thought. Who he thought.

He placed his hand against it. The lights burned brighter and illuminated across the facility. He closed his eyes for a moment, then removed his hand and reopened them.

“Dr.Shim went looking for the answer to all of your questions. He found it, but Dr.Shim did not return with it” his eyes narrowed towards the crew.

The lady that had picked him up moved towards him, but he put out his right hand in a stopping motion. He turned his palm towards the ceiling and strained his arm, pulling it towards him then crushed his palm and brought it into his chest. As he did the women screamed. Her body cracked and crumbled in horrible sound. Blood sprayed and pour although it stayed gliding in the air around her broken body.

The crew screamed and ran from him. The women’s body then seemed to fold into its self, over and over again until it fell to the ground in a mind shattering splat.

“Who would of thought that to save your race, you would condemn it. None of you would of found the solution.” he walked through the machinery and computers “Not even close. Dr.Shim knew this, so he sought alternative methods of acquiring knowledge.”

The man that had approached him as he entered burst from his hiding spot and ran for the door. Dr.Shim swiped his hand in a diagonal motion and the mans legs were cut from underneath him. His thigh and torso slammed into the cold floor and he crawled crying and screaming towards the door.

“What a pity”

The monster that was Dr.Shim sat on the cobble stairs outside the front door staring out at the snow covered mountains. Behind him, the door windows and large windows on the sides of the building were covered in blood and internals. He rested his chin on his hand in a thinking man position.

“What does a god do?”

This thought came from if a person went seeking knowledge, the answer, and found it. Yet, when they returned, something else came with them. Forbidden knowledge and creatures from the beyond is a very lovecraftian idea. I am a big fan of incomprehensible things. How might you try and comprehend them?

This story is vague. The threat to the human race is unknown, what Dr.Shim was looking for is unknown and what he brings back is really unknown too. It is the unknowning-ness that might drive us to salvation or damnation.

Static In The Radio

“Carl, we have a 10-99 in progress, we need all available officers to be on route immediately, do you copy?”

Carl looked out into the night sky. It twisted with an unnatural rhythm. Orange and black mixed and swirled together giving ominous signals to him.

He picked up the radio “Copy that, on route” he turned his cruiser on and flipped the sirens. “Send me the location Joyce”

“Copy that, Carl, location sent”

The address flipped up on his police monitor in the middle of his dash. The route highlighted and started to guide him.

He turned on to the highway and started to head south into the suburbs. The city dipped behind him as he screamed towards his destination. No longer were the lamp posts and neon signs there to light his way. He pulled off and onto a long winding road. The trees lined each side and closed him into a tunnel. The lights from his cruiser flashed red and blue among the shadows, illuminating glimpses of the houses and farms that he passed.

He peered down at this navigator. This was far out from his normal jurisdiction.

“Joyce, are there any other officers on route?”

“Affirmative Carl, three officers are on route including your self. You are only a half a mile away. In the neighbor hood ahead.”

Carl took a deep breath and turned into the sleepy neighborhood. No lights lit up on the porches. There were no cars in the drive ways, no lights cast their warmth from the inside of the houses. The whole place looked abandoned.

“I have a bad feeling about this” he breathed to himself as he leaned froward and tried scanning the darkness that his lights gave brief clarity to.

The house where he was being guided to was at the end of the street, which forked. He slowed down to face it. His navigation flashed that he had reached his destination.

“The place is right in front of you Carl, please check it out and report”

Carl looked down at the radio. He checked his pistol and clutched the handle to leave the car when something caught his eye in his rear view mirror.

Eyes. Red glowing eyes. They moved, glided past his car, darting across the street that he was parked on. They peered so bright and shiny that he immediately released the car door and spun in his seat.

“Joyce, you said it was a 10-99, who reported?”

The radio was static for a few moments then she said “Carl, get out of your car and check it out, report back”

He turned back to face the house. The eyes now shone through the windows, on the side of the house, on the roof, the bodies of the creatures flashed in the rotating lights. Their legs were needles that fulled out into bodies that looked like grey volcanic skin, which dripped and teared, the heads held their red glowing eyes and antlers bursting in all direction into the air. They had no lips, just razor teeth, locked in a hideous smile. Those teeth parted in a few of the creatures and a high pitch scream came from one, then the rest joined in an unholy chorus.

“Shit man, what the fuck is this” Carl Slammed his gear to reverse and took off backwards. The eyes scattered and the bodies holding them jumbled and ran after him.

“Carl, please turn around. Carl, Carl!.” the radio yelled at him. The navigation started chirping at him as well. The screen flashed trying to re route him back to the house.

The car wheeled out into the winding road that had led him there. He took one brief look at the neighborhood. They got closer and closer.

Before he knew it the tunnel of trees was peeling past his vision.

“Carl, turn around now” the radio screamed at him “Where are you going, 10-99, are you deaf, all available officers, that’s you, Carl”

“Joyce if you don’t shut your damn mouth, I’m going to lose my fucking mind”

He flipped the switch for the radio, but the voice kept coming at him. Yelling, screaming, instructing him to turn around.

He cursed at the noises and peaked at his mirrors. The eyes filled his the vision. They tripped and rummaged among the trees, the tunnel now glared red at him.

He came out of the tree tunnel and turned back to the street that led him to the high way. His hands were slick against the steering wheel. Each turn threaten to crash him into the curb. He wiped his brow. The eyes stilled followed. The navigation each time he went past a street told him to re-route and take the next one. He could barely hear anything, his ears being assaulted by a death wish. He could see the ramp to the high way. The traffic lights switched from green to red. He snarled and ran them. The car hit the entrance ramp at top speed and as it came to top, it took flight for a moment and crashed into the highway. Horns and cars screeched at him as he came flying into their view.

The radio died.

The navigation stopped and returned to its idle screen.

His mirrors shown regular highway traffic.

His hands were cemented to the steering wheel, his eyes wide, looking straight ahead. He turned his lights off and glided to a cruise.

Carl picked up his phone and called a number “Mick, where you at? Yeah? Don’t leave” He hung up.

Emma’s diner was a small little place down town. Open all day and night, solid food, unlimited coffee and donuts.

“Carl -“ Mick gave him a wave from a booth “holy shit, what happened?”

Carl took off his hat and slid into the booth across from him. He was still wide eyed, the colored drained from his dark skin.

A waitress approached the table. “What can I get you Carl?”

“Coffee” he didn’t look away from Mick “And four chocolate donuts…..” he glanced at her “how many chocolate donuts you got back there?” he shook his head a bit “bring them all” and he returned to Mick, his stare unfocused.

“we will start with two” the waitress smiled to Carl then gave Mick a worried look before walking off.

“You hear a 10-99 on the radio earlier?”

Mick shook his head.

Carl rubbed his eye brows “We have some problems, Mick. Some real big, like Ghostbuster problems, end of the world type shit.” Carl took a deep breath in and looked Mick straight in the eyes, focused “And it’s coming for us”

This was inspired by LOCAL58TV - You are on the fastest available route. This channel always has such great scares. Everything is subtle and well done. It never hits you over the head, never gives you all the information. It is just creepy. I liked the idea of something guiding, that you normally trust, to your demise.

Carl and Mick are reoccurring characters. Carl is based off a younger version of Carl Winslow from Family Matters. When I saw him in the first story , the cha Mick, I haven’t decided yet. There is a lot of creepy stuff happening around them, but now it might be coming after them. Hope they are prepared.

Happy Halloween everyone. Be weary of the spirits and enjoy the spooky time.

Mispalced Places
Depth of Sound

Touch Me, Taste Me

“Who’s a good boy for me?” her voice dripped into his ears like a sweet melody. His head swam with endless endorphins and his body started to burn with heat. His vision came back into focus, but then rolled back. A rainbow of color filtered through his view and he let out a moan, as more pleasure echoed through his being.

“hmm?” she teased, brushing her hand against his exposed chest. He opened his mouth but only gasps came from it. He tried to wiggle out of her grasp. To escape the pleasure which was now overloading him. Draining him. Only, when there seemed a nano-second of a chance, he would not take it. Not really. He didn’t want to leave. Not now, not ever. His eyes came into focus finally.

She laid next to him, predator like eyes shining in the light, almost glowing, peering down at him with pure lust. His body jerked and his arms pulled at his restraints. Her smile dripped a pure hunger. They toyed with him with all knowing confidence.

She leaned a bit closer and he got lost in her eyes. Swimming in their depth.

“I-I am” he stammered between lucid moments of audible pleasure. Her smile beamed down at him and her eyes squinted from joy.

She leaned down, swept her hair behind her ear and asked “You are what?”

He took a quick intake of breath. “I’m your good boy” he breathed out, exhausted form the length of the sentence.

Her face lit up. Sharp teeth biting her bottom lip. Savoring the moment.

“Yes” she dipped down towards his neck. Her tongue swiped in a long motion towards his jaw. Searing pain erupted from her touch “you are.” her teeth sunk deep and hard where she had licked. The pain was replaced instantly with waves of euphoric pleasure. Each one increased in intensity. He shook, recoiling at each hit, it was to much. All his senses blazed and drank in the moment each time she swallowed. He felt that his heart was going to explode, but just as it got to the cliff edge, she pulled away.

Blood dripped down her chin and she licked her lips in ultimate satisfaction.

Her eyes did glow.

He convulsed trying to hold onto consciousness. His eyes spinning, trying , pleading to keep her in his sights. To much blood, to much pleasure. He started to fade.

“Until you awake, puppy.” he heard her whisper into his ear with that sweet melodic voice.

Whew. Sexy stuff is exciting. Fun fact, I have always loved writing erotic stuff. Let’s put those actions, emotions and feelings all into words, shall we?

This was inspired a bit by Makima from Chainsaw Man. I won’t spoil what she is, but her personality is very much of a Dom. Since this is the Midnight Tales, it couldn’t be just about the sex though right? Could you take the pain and pleasure of having the life sucked out of you?

Anyway, happy Locktober everyone :)

What A Space

The front of the building had a small stoop with a large oak door that had two windows inlaid into it. The whole building was made out of dark red colored brick in the style you might see in upper Manhattan. Large bay windows protruded from the front of the house on the bottom floor and floor to ceiling windows stamped the second and third floor. An oak tree rested its limbs among the side of the building which was only a few feet from the broken down and rotting corpses of another building.

Emily looked up at the building from the side walk. The day was nice and crisp and her feet had taken her to the bottom of the steps of this building. the neighborhood wasn’t the greatest. Most of the buildings were rotting away, condemned and waiting to be demolished and rebuilt. Gentrified they said. This building stood pristine in a world of blame and suffering. She had walked by most days on her way to school, but never once stopped to take a look at it.

A sign was hanging from the ceiling just before the door.

“A place for you always, music school of music. Among other things”

Clutched at her side was a saxophone. She was in band and music gave her something to strive for. The saxophone had become her unfitted partner. Not by choice. Her teacher ran out of all the other instruments when she had moved in. The saxophone was all that was left in the band room. So she took it up and it delighted her. She thought she wanted to play the flute.

The town did not have any music shops, or so she thought. Now in front of her was a music school? One that she had walked by almost everyday for the last three months?

She moved up the steps with her trusty sax at hand. If worst came to worst, it would defend her. A sign on the door told her to come in. she did.

The air was warm and smelled of cinnamon. Their was a haze that seemed to float through the air. Inside was well lit, but not to bright. The ceilings were tall, Victorian accents on all corners and soft dark brown wood floor creaked under her feet. She stepped forward into the foray. To her right was the large room with the windows. It had a grand piano that sat in the out cove and a couch that sat peering at it. Past that was a bar with some seats sprawled around. large book cases cascaded up the walls all around the bar with some small plants hanging from hooks from the ceilings.

A man stepped out from the back of the long room and weaved though love seats and tables greeting her with a big smile and hearty laugh.
His face was old and jolly, covered in white hair, a large beard drooped down his front and white hair splayed out from his head. He was like a casual Santa Claus.

“Welcome, Welcome!” He Knelt down to be eye level with her “Have you come to practice? i see you have a friend with you”

“Yeah, I saw the sign, this is a music school? Among other things?” Emily asked furrowing her brow.

The man gave a laugh “Of course, what else could this place be? The name is Jell, like jelly, but with out the e, and you are?”

Emily was a bit apprehensive, but she was the one that came into the shop “Emily” she shook is hand.

“Pleasure to meet you Emily. We have lots of practice rooms upstairs, some pretty wicked good teachers here and all the beverages you could need, plus some delicious sweets. Come on, let me show you.”

Jell turned then walk to the left to a large stair that curved to the second floor. A red carpet runner ran up the stairs with the wood exposed at the ends. Emily hefted her saxophone up and after him. As they reached the upstairs she could see the high ceilings continued and the hallways stretch in both directions. Rows and rows of doors with frosted windows for each room lined the hallway. Each door was tall and large, made out of thick black wood. A number in brass hung in the middle and the door handle was a thick bronze ball with etchings in it. Jell led her to room three and opened the door.

The room was large in all directions. To the right as she entered, floor to ceiling windows showed the streets that she had entered from, which should be impossible. This room was flanked by two others. A large tree sat in the corner of the room, and everything one would need to compose music sat organized next to a large shelf. To the left was a large carpeted area with a couch and table. A fully stocked beverage bar sat next to it. Water, lemonade, hot chocolate and a few plates of biscuits sat on a black wooden counter. The room was a cream color, like a latte, the walls had music notes made out of metal hung and sheets of music made out of plaster waved around. It was the perfect temperature, it melted all her stress away as soon as she stepped inside. She turned to Jell, who like her, was admiring the room.

“Jell, this is really nice, but I don’t really have any money, I was just curious about this place”

“Ah money, the thing that always comes up first, the worry that stamps in the face of all dreams. I wouldn’t worry about money for this place. It’s on the house”

Emily looked at him with a skeptic face “I don’t think that’s how it works, eeeeverything costs something”

Jell scratched his heard “Well, I guess you might be right young lady. The cost is that of one smile. fake or real”

Emily smiled bright, but returned to a frown immediately “How am I able to see the outside from this window, are you a smile harvester”

“What is that?”

“A monster that captures children and harvests their smiles for power”

Jell stared at her wide eyed “Boy, is that what you kids are into nowadays, goodness, no”

“Well, I’m going to keep my eye on you” Emily closed one eye and moved in with the other.

Jell threw up his hands and moved towards the door “that would be fine, enjoy your time here Emily, stay as long as you would like.”

With that Jell exited the room and Emily was left alone. The whole space seemed to radiate warmth and positivity. She moved over to a small chair that sat near the windows. The outside sun shined in and the trees waved at her through the large glass. She set her saxophone on the ground and went over to the wall and grabbed a music stand and a small cup of water.

As she opened the case and grabbed her saxophone a surge of energy passed through her. Music seemed to be coming to her even before opening her music book. She assemble, and as if in a trance started playing.

The notes flowed endlessly.

Her breathe rose and fell like waves crashing into symphonies.

Her fingers danced,fluttered and skipped around the keys.

Her eyes closed and the notes appeared in all her other senses.

She was lost in a river of music. Floating down the bars, around majors and minors, rising with the crescendo and crashing with the Decrescendo.

Emily closed the door behind her and re-entered the hallway. It was quiet. Could there be people playing instruments behind each of these doors? She looked back to door one and two, which were past her room. How did they get the window to her room?

She shook off the questions and slunk down the stairs to the main foray. She crept towards the door trying not to alert anyone. Her head had been filled with music for the last couple of hours, her parents were probably worried and the warming silence was a welcome for the moment.

“Emily, how was your time here?” She heard Jell speak in a low voice. Like he was trying to match her stance.

She turned on her heels and looked back at him. He was standing behind the small bar, smiling and polishing a coffee mug.

She couldn’t help the smile which burst from her face “It was incredible. I have never felt anything like it before. The music just - “


“Yes” she nodded rapidly “How?”

Jell just shrugged his shoulders “Well come back anytime. You are always welcome”

Emily gave a confused look, but didn’t want to bother him anymore. She turned and left the house.

The sun was still shining and the breeze wisped across her face as she return to the street and turned to look at the front of the building. It looked the same as it was when she entered. She couldn’t see anyone in the window, but it sort of looked like the room she had been in. She pulled her phone out of her pocket anxious about the time.

The time read the same time as she had entered the building. Emily check a bunch of apps and the Internet time to confirm. No time had passed.

Her eyes stared wide eyes at the house. A mix of fear and curiosity ran through her. What was this place?

Was it a paradise? or was it a something else?

What ever it was, it welcomed her with open arms.

This story made a couple of turns here and there. I really wanted it to have a super positive tone to it. Like the building would be a safe place for anyone to be in when they needed it. But as I thought of it and the character moved through, I started to ask questions, and in turn they started asking questions.

Could there be some more sinister going on? Did Emily just narrowly escape? Or did she really fine a magic door into another world?

In the end, it is just happiness. A slice of the world that allows one to be with their own magic in what ever they are trying to create.

I still have an idea for a happier more positive spin of this, but for now. This is what we have.

Just A Glance

He stopped at this car door and waved to his friends. A girl with blond hair smiled back.

“Be careful on your way home”

He nodded in reassurance and he waited for them to get into their car and pull out of the parking lot of the bar. He waved at the red fading into the darkness and sighed as he pulled his keys from his pocket.

His reflection looked at him. Tired, questioning, and unfulfilled.

“Dammit” he rolled his eyes and opened the door to his car. The bar wasn’t far from his place, but at night the streets seemed to stretch and bend longer then they did in the daylight.

It was late and he glanced at each parking lot and neighborhood entrance to make sure no vigilant cop laid waiting for him to pass and pull over. They were notorious on these winding roads.

He pulled slowly up and past some of the local business’s that were closed for the evening. Then he spotted it. In the middle of Tom’s Hardware was a car. A cop. He breathed in and slowed his speed. As he got closer he noticed something. It was not a cop car that sat in the middle of the parking lot, it was an old Lincoln. Phantom black, the windows tinted to be slates of midnight. It sat sleeping.

As he passed he looked straight at it. Just a glance. He thought he could see the driver through the windshield. Even if it was all black, he could feel his eyes connect with something. Only a fraction of a second, no! A fraction of a millisecond.

The Lincoln’s lights blazed on and the engine roared to life. The tires squealed as they spun and the car leapt from it’s slumber from the parking lot.

The sudden movement and roaring from the vehicle startled him. He slammed down on gas and flew through the darkness. Lights from the Lincoln illuminated his rear view mirror and they rapidly got larger as it approached with incredible speed. He tried to get out of its way, but each time he whipped his wheel to clear a path the Lincoln slowed and kept itself behind him.

He gripped the wheel with sweaty hands as he pulled the car around tight corners. Tree’s, speed signs and fences past by him in rapid succession. His stomach knotted and sunk as the speed was now setting in. His mind was signaling warning bells as each turn got sharper and sharper. The Lincoln still kept tight to him and he could hear the engine revving each time they skidded across the road. He didn’t honk, it didn’t even try to ram his car, it just rode a couple feet behind him, ever present. It was inhumane precision.

He finally rounded a bend and hit a straight away. His house was just around the corner. He couldn’t go home though, he couldn’t let this thing follow him. He drove past his entrance and deeper into the night. His car hit top speed and just as he was about hit slowdown, the Lincoln cruised past him like a phantom. It did not heave or roar, it glided effortless with amazing speed.

It’s tail lights gleamed for a second and then disappeared into the night. He let the car cruise and then hit the brake.

The cars engine hummed in the night. His face was splattered with sweat and he heaved breathlessly. He was drained as he leaned back into his seat, put the car in reverse and pulled back down the road towards his house.

He had seen no license plate when the Lincoln passed him. The only features that imprinted on his mind were the tinted windows and the feeling that he got looking at it.

He pulled down the road and turned into his driveway.

He turned off his car and sat for a moment. Eyes closed replaying the night and the chase. He looked through his rear view mirror at the empty street and fog rolling through the air.

Slowly he got out of his car. As soon as his door closed he felt it. The feeling that he had earlier. He turned.

The Lincoln sat silently behind his car. Lights off, engine off. Just there. Next to the drivers side door was an impossible tall figure. They stretched at least twelve feet into the air. A black hat brimmed, large black rounded shades stared down at him. A cowl covered the face of the figure that was attached to their black double breasted jacket which draped all the way to the ground where it pooled in waves of black.

“Please” he choked “what do you want?”

The figure pointed to it’s glasses.

“It was only a glance” he yelled.

And that’s all it took.

Inspired by the one night I saw a strange car in the middle of a parking lot. It was late at night and I was driving home. I watch out for cops at night, just to be safe.

I was driving past this bank and I thought I had seen a cop car in the parking lot, but at a closer glance it was just a normal car. As I passed I look pretty close at it and thought.

“What if I wasn’t supposed to pay attention to this car?”

As if it was supposed to be ignored, but i payed attention to it. What would happen if no one was supposed to notice, but did. That’s where this story was born from.

Conversation With The Mirror

The train comes to a halt among the cosmic fields and lakes. Out beyond splattered across the sky like a mural is balls of multicolored lights, star dust in rainbow colors and a dark canvas which it is all etched in. Planets glides as silent as a lullaby across the abyss. Each one with features different from the next. Some have rings, other many moons. They all glow with their own uniqueness.

A passenger steps off the train and walks to the edge of the dark water which small crystals hover catching all the celestial light.

He stares out across the water.

The conductor steps out from the the train. He is dressed in black and gold. Where the head would be is an oval of glass. Inside swirling galaxies and stars hang in perpetual motion. They spin and twirl in dark colors of purple and black. Upon his head a black conductors hat sits, unmoving.

The passenger glances over and then back at the endless water.

And this is what their thoughts reflected.

Why does it feel as if i am visitor in my own life. As if the vision I see is made up. A hologram playing out among infinite organic circuits to a spirit that is confused about its place.

The reflections in the mirror that I see seems more real then the body I reside in. I look down at my legs, my arms, my whole lower body, but yet I cannot confirm that my face is even there. If I disconnect my eyes from this body and place them among a shelf would I really see my self? The shadow among the floor feels more concrete then I. It’s solidness in stark contrasts to my hollowness. My hands desperately grip the handles of my seat to confirm the my relativity to reality. To keep me from fading out of existence.

My hands clutch the steering wheel. Just a turn or two at this speed, would it produce a reaction? Any feeling? How can I be moving through space so fast, among others. It feels unrealistic, like a fantasy, my eyes and conscious combined with machine, moving faster and faster.

A city I stand among the other consciousness that roam these streets. I stand among them all, we are all there, but at the same, we are all ghosts to each other. When together. Ignored. When alone. Crying for acknowledgment. Do eyes that set themselves upon mine even have a spirit that commands them? There is no way to tell.

My body feels what it feels in instances, but the spirit and mind do not actually feel or understand. Momentary physical manifestation of what might be considered emotion. Do other bodies feel or not feel the same as I? Again, a question that will never be answered. Disassociation with the body for the spirits sake? Or maybe for the minds? Smile for the communication. Frown for the social commentary.

Close my eyes. Sweet sleep comes, but filled with other lives. Which one might be real. The mind and body does not know. What if this is all a dream and I am yet to wake. Dreams with in dreams. How many lives can I live before it’s the “real” one.

A ripple spread across the reflective water.

“What am I?” The passenger asks the conductor.

There is a long silence between them. The train engine far down the track roars in anticipation of moving again.

“You are nothing” The conductor replies.

He turns and walks back to the train then stops with one hand on the rail.

“And you are everything” he steps back on.

The passenger waits for a moment. Then returns to the train.

I am empty.

But the emptiness is filled with nothing.






This is more of a reflective piece. Humans, in my thoughts, try to communicate their experience to others in anyway they can. Whether that is through emotions, actions or other things. Everything we do is an expression of ourselves in some way. Whether we have decided to be who we are or influenced by other things to be who we are. We express those things.

This is an attempt to express my internal view or how I move along with life. No, I do not need help haha I am doing alright. This piece is incomplete. As my own vocabulary and skill can not fully convey through words how I move through life. I am not that skilled, yet.

Even so, I had the last line of this “I am empty / Full” come to me late at night when I couldn’t get to sleep. I really felt as it if represented a piece of me.

We think in duality. Happy or Sad, Angry or Calm, something in between these,but for me, not sure why, I sorta remove these. Happy and Sadness are part of each other. If you remove them, then what are you? That’s what I feel I am. What ever it is to remove the duality of life. In a couple of years I might look back and try to express again when I am more skilled.

Thank you, let’s get back on the train and listen to more Midnight Tales

Depth of Sound

It jolted him awake out of a dream filled sleep.

A harsh noise echoed through the halls of his house and into his room on the second floor. His door was closed, but the sound penetrated through the thick wood.

Cutting, slicing, hacking, with hints of brutality. His eyes winced when it came again. It was faint, but it still ripped straight to the center of his brain.

He rolled out of bed and put on his slippers. The sound came between long beats of silence. Each one physically assaulted him. He cracked open the door and listened intently till it happened again. This time something organic crossed the harshness. It was a sound that he had never heard before, a sound that clawed at his soul, he had to know. The curiosity was fueled by fascination of being violated in such a manner.

He crept forth into the hallway and turned on a light. Why would fear not come? The imagination must have turned off the center that generated the bogey man. As he moved down the stairs he noticed that the light in the hallway next to the kitchen was still on. He peered down the long straights. They seemed to be stretched beyond what was possible and down there, way down, was a large opening he did not recognize with a yellow light and haze rolling out from it.

The sound came again. It was sharp, and only lasted as long as he paid attention to it, which wasn’t long. He moved down the hallway. towards the yellow haze. His body shook as the sound got louder and louder as he approached. He could hear it clearer now.


Something thick and full of blood and bones was being cleaved, butchered with a monotone beat.

Curiously he did not smell anything as he was fully engrossed in the haze. The yellow light filled his vision with bits of red as his eyes started focusing on the room that the sound now radiated from.

The room was large, much larger then it could be. The walls were tiled and scaled into thirty foot ceilings where long lights hung shining pale yellow. The walls shone of murals of blood and carnage. Bits and pieces of flesh and organs slowly dripped towards the floor. His eyes scanned the piles of bodies that where mutilated beyond belief and stacked all around. A large L-shaped table stood in the middle of the room with a body on it, which was being hacked with a large cleaver. He stepped closer, the figure hung the cleaver in the air as he approached.

He recognized the figure.

The cleaver flew from the figures hand and struck him in the right shoulder. The sound that he had heard filled every piece of him. The cleaver ripped through his skin, though muscle and sinew straight to the bone. Carving him up. The figure stomped over and past bodies around the table towards him. The pain had caused him to fall back against the wall. The pain paralyzed him, the terror filled him with cement.

His own eyes stared at him. But they were not his. No eyes lids, no lips, and a nose that looked as if it was bit off. How did he know it was him? The eyes that stared at him. He had seen them many times in the mirror. He screamed, clawed at the figure as it grasped the cleaver and ripped it from his body.

All breathe was savagely torn from his lungs with the release. He could not close his eyes though. He stared at his eyes.

The cleaver rose into the air again for one final blow.

The figure moved to strike but instead of the ungodly sound, gunshots rang from his right from his original house. He scrambled to his feet, but blood spilled from his shoulder at alarming rates. He stumbled and fell as some man grasped him and others ran past him. More gun shots rang out as his eyes blurred against the muzzle flashes illuminating the hallway.


He awoke to blue and red flashes. Cool air filled his lungs and he stared up in to the sky.

Sirens and people were scrambling all around him

“This is the sixth case this month.” A man was standing close the ambulance talking to an officer.

“Yeah, and what do you think about it, at least we got to this guy in time.”

The officer blew out a breath before speaking “This is some like Nightmare on Elm street shit, did you see that guys face in there?”

“Of course I saw it, I shot it”

“Mick, where are these things coming from?”

There was a long silence between them and then Mick said “Somewhere we don’t want to believe exists”

They then walked away and back towards the house.

Pain throbbed from his shoulder as he closed his eyes.

Then it came.

Like a slice through his thoughts, the sound rang through him and his head whipped to the darkness across the street. The blue and red lights splashed back and forth and among the illuminated darkness, two lidless eyes peered at him.

The sound came again.

He screamed.


I feel that sound for me is much more impactful then the other senses. I have always had sensitive ears and sound effects are the things that get me to turn away or not want to watch something. I can witness gruesome stuff in movies and tv’s, but if they get the sound right, then it started getting to me.

What if a sound was so disturbing, so unconscious, so violating that it dragged you towards its open jaws?

The town is heating up it seems. Watch those shadows my friends.

Just Toys

There was a moment when he looked into the tiny Halloween town where he thought someone turned and looked at him.

It was early August and it was time to get back to school. Art school was something that required more then just notebooks and pencils for him. Michael, was in fact at Michaels. For the school year he needed to buy a few canvases for his paintings that he would be working on before the year entered into full swing, and few more for when it did. As he walked in he was surprised to see the front of the store stocked with plastic pumpkins, bats and ravens hanging from the ceiling, black glittering trees standing up against shelves and a full stock of Halloween props filling rows and rows of the store. August seemed to be just a bit early he thought. Fall didn’t start till the very end of September and here it was, all ready in his face. He ignored it at first, but in the middle of these rows of shelves was a stand with mini figures and buildings producing an energy of action and music. He looked towards the back of the store where his canvas lay waiting, then back at the display. A few minutes wouldn’t hurt.

The Hallow Village stood displayed on a few mounds of paper dirt and hay. In middle of the village sitting on a large hill overlooking everything a great windmill spun slowly. Among the blades were cob webs and spread around the tower hung a large spider that fixed it’s million eyes down at the front door. A few dust covered windows lit up with a flickering green from whatever was happening inside. Around the base, moss, yellow hay bricks and boxes pilled up. A small wooden fence stood with a small door a few feet from the house. From the small gate a path led down into the village. It moved past two buildings.

One a doctors office. If that’s what you might call it. Frankenstein Ortho. Large windows splattered with dull dried blood rose on each side of a double door. The building rose and spun into the air with black pointed fences sticking out from impossible windows. A man patched with different arms and legs sat on the stoop of the office outlooking the village square. He rested his large square jaw on his hands in a defeated manner.

On the other side of the street from Frankenstein Ortho was an apothecary.

The witches Brew. An apt name for it. The entrance was one step into a flung open door that seemed to lead into fully stock rows of old falling apart bookshelves. Eyes and crystal balls looked towards the door from the inside. A set of stairs across from the main desk squared up and led to the second story where a balcony looked over the square. On it a large cauldron with wings, eyes, toads, and green slime was being churned by a witch in flowing black robes. A broom stick sat in the corner waiting for their nightly ride. The building was built in dark stone and had accents of light bricks on the corners. It ended in a Victorian point at the top with sloping roofs.

Out in the square of darkened cobble stone was a large fountain that sprayed a sea green water a few centimeters in the air. The whole thing was black, round like a cauldron and was adjourned in bats and lizards all around it. A few decrypted benches were littered around the plaza.

Next on tour was the The Night Ball. It seemed to be a swinging joint. Skeletons, zombies and vampires dressed in 1950’s fancy dresses danced outside on the sidewalk and on the roof top, which was filled with lamps which emitted a bright fiery blue. A zombie with no jaw manned the bar. He was busy shaking a cocktail shaker and looking out to tables inside, which all pointed at a stage with a band of werewolves strumming along some instruments. The whole places looked like an undead New Year’s Eve party in New York.

The last building to wrap around the square was a bookstore. The Unholy Grimore Store. It looked like a large book that had seen and gone through everything one could imagine. The spine was falling apart, the binding pealed around the window on the side and the whole thing opened slightly to give the shop dimension revealing thick leathery pages filled with grime and dirt. The doors looked as if someone had torn the corner off of the middle pages of the book. Two massive wooden doors stood in the middle of ripped and raw pages. He couldn’t see inside, but it had an upstairs as well and a small balcony on the back.

He look off towards the east of town and saw a small building through a corn field. He moved to take a closer look. A small house with a towering chimney sat out among the corn. In front was a what looked like a ghost. A sheet hanging in mid air with two lumps of sheet arms. one was holding a paint brush. An easel sat in front with a painting on it. A small painter ghost and it’s haunted house. Michael smiled and leaned in to take a look at the painting that the ghost was producing.

There, on a canvas no bigger then his thumb, was the shelves that he was standing in front of. In tiny detail the store came alive in paint that he couldn’t believe. He did a double take. Staring at the shelves committing it to memory and then back at the tiny painting. He crouched to the packaging below the display.

The Ghostly Painter. The package showed the small shack and the ghost statue that came with it. Michael picked up the box and then looked back at the display. The ghost seemed to have turned slightly. It’s sheet whipped in the wind. Did it smile at him?

He looked again at the box in his hands. Nothing on it said that it was magical. Magical ?! What was he thinking, but then he glimpsed at the canvas one last time.

He brought the box with him and retrieved his canvas that were bored of waiting.

His dorm room would have a new addition this year.


I love going into Michaels around Halloween. They have their Halloween town thing that they do. I always pick up a figure here and here. This year I bought a pumpkin snowman. A couple years ago I bought a pumpkin water tower. They are fun to put up around the year in small spaces. I would love to one day buy one of the big displays. They are so detailed and have really cool architecture to them. The whole vibe is something close to my heart. Do we think Michael might be pulled into the mini Halloween town ? Maybe it can be a source of inspiration for him as he goes through the blitz of art school.

Nothing to crazy with this story, I would like to explore mini towns like this in the future. I remember the Goosebumps episode where the kids get sucked into the miniature town. A pretty scary episode, especially when the girl gets turned into a human pig thing.

Till next time

Spirits Among The Shores

“What was that?” She turned to look through the darkened trees. The sun never really set,but it dipped in the sky allowing the trees to cast their shadows among the trails.

Her boyfriend turned and looked around “probably a squirrel or something” he returned to trekking down the trail. They continued for a few moment and then she stopped again. Her ears perked up and she tried to follow the sound that invaded her space.

“No,there, I definitely heard something out there.” She peered into the never ending trees. The sound was faint, but strings of music whipped around the trees and into her ears. It pulled her every time it peeked her interest. Her boyfriend, growing annoyed at the constant interruption spun around and stood next to her.

“I don’t hear any-“ the strings grazed against his ears this time. It was a violin. Far away it strummed deeply and controlling. The music was sweet and flowed with a smooth consistency.

“Where is that coming from?” He moved towards the sound. His girlfriend put her arm out to stop him, but he pushed past it and off the path. The trees past him as he made his way. Norwegian wood tall and old, shepard him to his ultimate destination. A few minutes past as the music grew louder and sweeter. The notes getting more personal. Each note that flowed into the ears seemed to be written just for him. Memories and emotions poured forth from his past. The violin played to his soul.

“Jason” he finally stopped “Please, stop” he turned to her. His eyes saw her, but his mind and spirit was with the music. She had been calling his name since he left the path.

“What is it, Terra? You heard it, the music right? It is so beautiful. It matches completely” Jason said. He seemed entranced. The music had ceased to be heard by Terra as soon as Jason caught ear of it. It was if the music had changed targets, picked a easier victim.

Jason turned back around and moved again, his feet dragged across the brush floor and through the Norwood.

They soon came to a clearing in the woods. A small lake opened up among the dark woods. The water was crystal clear blue and a small boulder sat off center in the middle. Jason came to the edge of the water and peered at the rock. The music was louder, all encompassing. It flowed through every part of him. A sweet serenade of his life passing before and through himself. Every cell recalled a different part of him from eons ago. His body vibrated in ecstasy.

Upon the rock a figure appeared. It was if they walked out of the water behind the boulder and stepped upon the crest. Jason stared at the figure. An impossible beautiful women stood draped in white flowing clothe. Upon her shoulders a violin sat, her other arm moved fluidly strumming with a bow. She smiled deliciously at them both. Revealing a welcoming, but seductive greeting to both of them. Her eyes, which glowed yellow, stared at Jason. They beckoned him to her. Terra pulled at his arm as he stepped forward into the water. The female also stepped forward into the water. Each step Jason took, she took as well. Terra tried with all her might, her voice straining from the screaming to keep him out of the water.

The music stopped as soon as the women entered fully into the water. Her arms still moved across the violin as she submerged.

Jason took a large intake of breath and rubbed his eyes. His senses came back to him now that the music wasn’t making him drunk with pleasure. He looked down at his waist which as submerged in water. He turned around and looked at Terra. Her face was a painting of horror.

He went to speak, but it was to late. He women rose from the water. Her beauty had turned to an impossible horrid appearance. Her eyes still remained the same, but her skin sagged with a mossy consistency and had turned from a milky white to a sickening sea green. Her smile which brought warmth now hung in a awful frown. Bunches of flesh collected and hung from her bones. A shriek escaped it’s mouth as it grabbed him. He screamed. Terra screamed.

The woods kept still and observed.

The creature dragged Jason into the water and into the unknown of the lake. The shadow of them both dipped to the middle of the lake and like shadow being smothered by the sun, it circled and disappeared.

Terra stood watching the waves of the lake subside. Her eyes scanned the deep. The lake wasn’t that deep, but there was nothing left. It took her a moment to realize or rationalize what was happening. She went to turn and run, but another sound caught her. The music she had heard earlier had returned. This time it had snared her. She turned back the lake.

An impossible man stood at the shore. His arms strumming a violin with a bow.

she tried to scream.

She tried to run.

Her feed moved towards him.


At the moment I am in Norway for a wedding. Among the large fields and farmlands are large patches of forests. They are filled with tall tress which even among the sun, makes them look dark.

The creature in the story is a Nøkk, they are creatures of Scandinavian legends. They hang around water and lead their victims in with music. They are beautiful beings that charm their victims and take their souls. Again I think music has a certain charm to it. With the power to charm and enslave those that get lost in the emotion and memories it can bring. It can be a very powerful tool.