No Time For Games

“You know there is poison in there, right”

“Yes, yes of course, I am building up my tolerance” He took another sip of his tea.

David sat back in the chair. Taking in the man willingly sipping himself to death on tea. Simon Wells.

“I mean David, who did you think hired you to kill me?” Simon speared his chicken with his fork and stopped few inches from his mouth, his eyes staring at David “It was me.”

David brought his thumb and index finger to his eyebrows to massage his head.

“Mr.Jamster?” Simon laughed a bit before taking a bite of the chicken “I swear you would of known once you heard me speak in person. Mr.Jamster, what a name to make up” he mumbled through chewing.

David straighted out his vest and recomposed “So you are saying, you hired me, to kill yourself, and you payed me one hundred thousand dollars to do it? Is that what I am hearing right now.

Simon took another sip of his tea “You got any more of that poison? They always brew the tea so bitter here, what was it again?”


“Yes, that’s it. You didn’t happen to have anymore of that?”

“While it wouldn’t matter, you are literally dying right now, no I do not have anymore on me” David took a sip of his water and returned to massaging his head while watching Simon chowed down on his chicken cordon blue.

Simon gave a laugh “Well, we will see about that” He finished the cup of tea. “You see that raven out there” he pointed over his left shoulder.

David leaned over to the right. The restaurant had a large window that outlooked the road and side walk out side. On a park bench that was across the street, the largest raven David had ever seen sat at the end. Peering inside at them.

“His name is Nightshade” Simon said smiling, flashing his eyebrows.

“And?” David was grow delirious of the whole situation.

“Nothing, that’s it. You know, I haven’t seen you in what? Fifteen years? When I heard your voice over the phone I knew instantly it was you. How the hell did you become an assassin? Of all career paths, what a wild one” Simon wiped his lips and adjusted his horn rimmed glasses.

David’s eyes flashed left and right to see if anyone had heard his career choice. Then his eyes caught the raven, Nightshade, eying a small boy that had sat next to him “I think your raven is about to eat a small child”

“Don’t worry, he has eaten worse”

David return to look at Simon eyebrows raised and shook his head in disbelief “Simon, death should be claiming you right now” He checked his wrist watch “I-I, What is this? How are you still alive? Why?” David took in a breath and racked his mind for a moment the exhaled deeply and frown putting up his hand “do you want a refund?”

Simons face lit up with a smile and he belted forward with laughter “Are you kidding? You tried, didn’t you? Honest to goodness try. Simon rose from the chair “I hope you don’t mind taking care of the bill for today, David, It was fantastic seeing you, but sadly, you weren’t able to get the job done. It was worth the try, though. Atropine, didn’t expect that.”

David rose and they shook hands.

“Well, see you around, be careful. Your line of work is a bit” Simon waved his hands “well you know. Take care, David” He smiled at him and shook his head and said “Good to see you again, how great.” then walked out into the street. Nightshade spread it’s enormous wings and landed on his shoulder.

David took his seat again and leaned back again staring at the empty seat.

A waiter approached “Would you care for an after dinner drink, sir?”

For a moment David sat silently then turned to the waiter.

“Bruichladdich X4+1 Quadrupled whiskey, make it a double”

There is a scene from Princess Bride, Battle of Wits. Wesley, the hero, is challenged to a battle of wits. He takes two cups of wine, turns his back and then returns the two cups to the table. The challenger, Vizzini reasons, convolutely, then cheats to choose the cup in front of him. As he boasts that he cheated, he dies. Both cups were poisoned and Wesley had built up tolerance to the poison.

This scene is fantastic and the ending of him poisoning both cups and having tolerance always gets me.

A casual meeting of two, one a murder and one trying to get murdered. The raven, and the tea came from a look at the tea “Poe me A cup” which is a Edgar Allen Poe themed tea. Very good might I add

Bruichladdich X4+1 Quadrupled whiskey is also some of the strongest alcohol in the world.

Just some Fun~