Static In The Radio

“Carl, we have a 10-99 in progress, we need all available officers to be on route immediately, do you copy?”

Carl looked out into the night sky. It twisted with an unnatural rhythm. Orange and black mixed and swirled together giving ominous signals to him.

He picked up the radio “Copy that, on route” he turned his cruiser on and flipped the sirens. “Send me the location Joyce”

“Copy that, Carl, location sent”

The address flipped up on his police monitor in the middle of his dash. The route highlighted and started to guide him.

He turned on to the highway and started to head south into the suburbs. The city dipped behind him as he screamed towards his destination. No longer were the lamp posts and neon signs there to light his way. He pulled off and onto a long winding road. The trees lined each side and closed him into a tunnel. The lights from his cruiser flashed red and blue among the shadows, illuminating glimpses of the houses and farms that he passed.

He peered down at this navigator. This was far out from his normal jurisdiction.

“Joyce, are there any other officers on route?”

“Affirmative Carl, three officers are on route including your self. You are only a half a mile away. In the neighbor hood ahead.”

Carl took a deep breath and turned into the sleepy neighborhood. No lights lit up on the porches. There were no cars in the drive ways, no lights cast their warmth from the inside of the houses. The whole place looked abandoned.

“I have a bad feeling about this” he breathed to himself as he leaned froward and tried scanning the darkness that his lights gave brief clarity to.

The house where he was being guided to was at the end of the street, which forked. He slowed down to face it. His navigation flashed that he had reached his destination.

“The place is right in front of you Carl, please check it out and report”

Carl looked down at the radio. He checked his pistol and clutched the handle to leave the car when something caught his eye in his rear view mirror.

Eyes. Red glowing eyes. They moved, glided past his car, darting across the street that he was parked on. They peered so bright and shiny that he immediately released the car door and spun in his seat.

“Joyce, you said it was a 10-99, who reported?”

The radio was static for a few moments then she said “Carl, get out of your car and check it out, report back”

He turned back to face the house. The eyes now shone through the windows, on the side of the house, on the roof, the bodies of the creatures flashed in the rotating lights. Their legs were needles that fulled out into bodies that looked like grey volcanic skin, which dripped and teared, the heads held their red glowing eyes and antlers bursting in all direction into the air. They had no lips, just razor teeth, locked in a hideous smile. Those teeth parted in a few of the creatures and a high pitch scream came from one, then the rest joined in an unholy chorus.

“Shit man, what the fuck is this” Carl Slammed his gear to reverse and took off backwards. The eyes scattered and the bodies holding them jumbled and ran after him.

“Carl, please turn around. Carl, Carl!.” the radio yelled at him. The navigation started chirping at him as well. The screen flashed trying to re route him back to the house.

The car wheeled out into the winding road that had led him there. He took one brief look at the neighborhood. They got closer and closer.

Before he knew it the tunnel of trees was peeling past his vision.

“Carl, turn around now” the radio screamed at him “Where are you going, 10-99, are you deaf, all available officers, that’s you, Carl”

“Joyce if you don’t shut your damn mouth, I’m going to lose my fucking mind”

He flipped the switch for the radio, but the voice kept coming at him. Yelling, screaming, instructing him to turn around.

He cursed at the noises and peaked at his mirrors. The eyes filled his the vision. They tripped and rummaged among the trees, the tunnel now glared red at him.

He came out of the tree tunnel and turned back to the street that led him to the high way. His hands were slick against the steering wheel. Each turn threaten to crash him into the curb. He wiped his brow. The eyes stilled followed. The navigation each time he went past a street told him to re-route and take the next one. He could barely hear anything, his ears being assaulted by a death wish. He could see the ramp to the high way. The traffic lights switched from green to red. He snarled and ran them. The car hit the entrance ramp at top speed and as it came to top, it took flight for a moment and crashed into the highway. Horns and cars screeched at him as he came flying into their view.

The radio died.

The navigation stopped and returned to its idle screen.

His mirrors shown regular highway traffic.

His hands were cemented to the steering wheel, his eyes wide, looking straight ahead. He turned his lights off and glided to a cruise.

Carl picked up his phone and called a number “Mick, where you at? Yeah? Don’t leave” He hung up.

Emma’s diner was a small little place down town. Open all day and night, solid food, unlimited coffee and donuts.

“Carl -“ Mick gave him a wave from a booth “holy shit, what happened?”

Carl took off his hat and slid into the booth across from him. He was still wide eyed, the colored drained from his dark skin.

A waitress approached the table. “What can I get you Carl?”

“Coffee” he didn’t look away from Mick “And four chocolate donuts…..” he glanced at her “how many chocolate donuts you got back there?” he shook his head a bit “bring them all” and he returned to Mick, his stare unfocused.

“we will start with two” the waitress smiled to Carl then gave Mick a worried look before walking off.

“You hear a 10-99 on the radio earlier?”

Mick shook his head.

Carl rubbed his eye brows “We have some problems, Mick. Some real big, like Ghostbuster problems, end of the world type shit.” Carl took a deep breath in and looked Mick straight in the eyes, focused “And it’s coming for us”

This was inspired by LOCAL58TV - You are on the fastest available route. This channel always has such great scares. Everything is subtle and well done. It never hits you over the head, never gives you all the information. It is just creepy. I liked the idea of something guiding, that you normally trust, to your demise.

Carl and Mick are reoccurring characters. Carl is based off a younger version of Carl Winslow from Family Matters. When I saw him in the first story , the cha Mick, I haven’t decided yet. There is a lot of creepy stuff happening around them, but now it might be coming after them. Hope they are prepared.

Happy Halloween everyone. Be weary of the spirits and enjoy the spooky time.

Mispalced Places
Depth of Sound

Depth of Sound

It jolted him awake out of a dream filled sleep.

A harsh noise echoed through the halls of his house and into his room on the second floor. His door was closed, but the sound penetrated through the thick wood.

Cutting, slicing, hacking, with hints of brutality. His eyes winced when it came again. It was faint, but it still ripped straight to the center of his brain.

He rolled out of bed and put on his slippers. The sound came between long beats of silence. Each one physically assaulted him. He cracked open the door and listened intently till it happened again. This time something organic crossed the harshness. It was a sound that he had never heard before, a sound that clawed at his soul, he had to know. The curiosity was fueled by fascination of being violated in such a manner.

He crept forth into the hallway and turned on a light. Why would fear not come? The imagination must have turned off the center that generated the bogey man. As he moved down the stairs he noticed that the light in the hallway next to the kitchen was still on. He peered down the long straights. They seemed to be stretched beyond what was possible and down there, way down, was a large opening he did not recognize with a yellow light and haze rolling out from it.

The sound came again. It was sharp, and only lasted as long as he paid attention to it, which wasn’t long. He moved down the hallway. towards the yellow haze. His body shook as the sound got louder and louder as he approached. He could hear it clearer now.


Something thick and full of blood and bones was being cleaved, butchered with a monotone beat.

Curiously he did not smell anything as he was fully engrossed in the haze. The yellow light filled his vision with bits of red as his eyes started focusing on the room that the sound now radiated from.

The room was large, much larger then it could be. The walls were tiled and scaled into thirty foot ceilings where long lights hung shining pale yellow. The walls shone of murals of blood and carnage. Bits and pieces of flesh and organs slowly dripped towards the floor. His eyes scanned the piles of bodies that where mutilated beyond belief and stacked all around. A large L-shaped table stood in the middle of the room with a body on it, which was being hacked with a large cleaver. He stepped closer, the figure hung the cleaver in the air as he approached.

He recognized the figure.

The cleaver flew from the figures hand and struck him in the right shoulder. The sound that he had heard filled every piece of him. The cleaver ripped through his skin, though muscle and sinew straight to the bone. Carving him up. The figure stomped over and past bodies around the table towards him. The pain had caused him to fall back against the wall. The pain paralyzed him, the terror filled him with cement.

His own eyes stared at him. But they were not his. No eyes lids, no lips, and a nose that looked as if it was bit off. How did he know it was him? The eyes that stared at him. He had seen them many times in the mirror. He screamed, clawed at the figure as it grasped the cleaver and ripped it from his body.

All breathe was savagely torn from his lungs with the release. He could not close his eyes though. He stared at his eyes.

The cleaver rose into the air again for one final blow.

The figure moved to strike but instead of the ungodly sound, gunshots rang from his right from his original house. He scrambled to his feet, but blood spilled from his shoulder at alarming rates. He stumbled and fell as some man grasped him and others ran past him. More gun shots rang out as his eyes blurred against the muzzle flashes illuminating the hallway.


He awoke to blue and red flashes. Cool air filled his lungs and he stared up in to the sky.

Sirens and people were scrambling all around him

“This is the sixth case this month.” A man was standing close the ambulance talking to an officer.

“Yeah, and what do you think about it, at least we got to this guy in time.”

The officer blew out a breath before speaking “This is some like Nightmare on Elm street shit, did you see that guys face in there?”

“Of course I saw it, I shot it”

“Mick, where are these things coming from?”

There was a long silence between them and then Mick said “Somewhere we don’t want to believe exists”

They then walked away and back towards the house.

Pain throbbed from his shoulder as he closed his eyes.

Then it came.

Like a slice through his thoughts, the sound rang through him and his head whipped to the darkness across the street. The blue and red lights splashed back and forth and among the illuminated darkness, two lidless eyes peered at him.

The sound came again.

He screamed.


I feel that sound for me is much more impactful then the other senses. I have always had sensitive ears and sound effects are the things that get me to turn away or not want to watch something. I can witness gruesome stuff in movies and tv’s, but if they get the sound right, then it started getting to me.

What if a sound was so disturbing, so unconscious, so violating that it dragged you towards its open jaws?

The town is heating up it seems. Watch those shadows my friends.